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SF Underground Market June 11

Posted: July 18, 2011 in News, Press, Reviews

City Smoke House’s “Pulled Pork Sandwich served with Cole Slaw and Sweet Baked Buns” –They had a line so we had to try, and yes, it was worth the wait! The Pulled Pork was moist and smoky, cole slaw was fresh, and the sweet baked buns reminded me of the good ol’ sweet Chinese buns!

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Great write up on City Smokehouse at the East Bay Underground Market from Cooking with the Single Guy.

“I ended up getting the pulled pork slider from the guys at City Smoke House, right now just doing catering. The pulled pork was lathered with BBQ sauce and topped with cole slaw. It was so messy to eat, but so incredible to eat. I didn’t care that I had to eat with my fingers to pick up all the meat and cole slaw that fell out of my brioche-like bun. The great thing about the Underground Market is since most of the vendors don’t have major overhead, the prices are pretty decent. I paid only $4 for the huge pulled pork slider”